SUP PaddleFish

SUP paddlefish

If you have been anywhere near ANY body of water in the past year, I’m sure you have seen paddle boards cruising around. The paddle boarding sport is absolutely growing by leaps and bounds. The Banana River is the perfect place for paddle boarding and the amount of SUP’s you see riding the waterway is on the rise. The Banana River – Indian River Lagoon system has been rated one of the world’s most diversified estuaries.  Many sheltered waterways and a countless number of wildlife, make paddle boarding on the Banana River an adventure. On any given trip you may encounter dolphin, turtles, manatee, birds and many types of fish!

Recently while fishing the river, I spotted something I hadn’t noticed before, a silhouette that clearly was a SUP, but almost looked like a tall kayak. Some of the group was sitting and others were standing and paddling. As the guided paddle board party got closer, we noticed there was a seat on the paddle board. The riders looked stable and comfortable both sitting or standing as they went by.

After talking to the tour company at the Cocoa Beach boat ramp, I found out that it was called a PaddleFish. This newest accessory was a one-piece molded seat that clips to the top of the paddle board. It had a live-well and storage built into the seat. I asked if it was heavy and they said it only weighed about 16 pounds and is attached with a few simple clips. WOW! What a cool idea. The few times I have paddle boarded, I did wish, at some point, that I could sit down to give my feet a quick rest. I can only imagine how effective they would be for fishing since the PaddleFish also had rod holders.

When you think you have seen it all, something never fails to surprise you. If you spend much time paddle boarding the river or fishing on your SUP then this looks like it would be a cool thing to add to your board. The tour guide operator said they paid fewer than 300 bucks, but it was money well spent because of the versatility and comfort it added for their customers.

As always folks, get out there and find away to enjoy the Banana River!



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