IPB flats boat, collecting on the Banana River

The Banana River with its abundance of marine life offers more then just fishing and boating opportunities. Adrian Gray from the IGFA recently took Merritt Island residents the Redwine’s on a collecting mission around the Banana River. Adrian just took delivery of his brand new Inshore Power Boat and desperatly wanted to get it wet despite the bad weather, what better way to break it in on a very windy day but to pull up on the leeward side of some Banana River islands break out the seine nets and start seeing what you can find.

inshore power boat

A 10 gallon aquarium set up on the bow of Adrian’s IPB made for the perfect temporary collecting station for Alden. Adrian’s new flats skiff allowed them to glide quietly  and effortlessly in the ankle deep water as the Redwines netted up small crusteceans, pipefish, needlefish and and juvenile gamefish in the rich river seagrass.

The Banana River with its miles of skinny flats and abundant wildlife creates the perfect stomping ground for an eleven year old kid armed with a net and bucket. The Redwines’ prove you don’t need an arsenal of expensive tackle to enjoy all the Banana River has to offer.

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