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This site is dedicated to the wonderful place we call home – The Banana River..
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"Although located in an urban area, the Banana River Aquatic Preserve offers many opportunities to view and experience the estuarine resources of the Indian River Lagoon system. Paddling the mangrove-lined backwaters of the Thousand Islands in Cocoa Beach or walking the trails along the marsh at Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary adjacent to Sykes Creek are just a few of the opportunities available to visit this natural treasure." Brevard County Acreage: 30,000 acres Sykes Creek is the main tributary within Banana River Aquatic Preserve. The most important spring habitat (300-500 individuals/survey day) for the east coast population of manatees has been the northern Banana River (2001, Florida Manatee Recovery Plan). Large numbers of manatees use the Banana River almost year-round. The Banana River supports the largest pelican rookery on the Atlantic Coast, a significant population of alligators, and diamondback terrapin turtles. Favored by recreational fisherman, the shallow seagrass and mangrove based ecosystem supports large gamefish.